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草皮達人[Masturf]-Dutch Royal

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Dutch Royal

Imported Grass

pile height:40mm

Recommended Applications: European imports of the Netherlands Royal grass using Cyrillon fiber grass silk, the world's largest manufacturer of artificial grass fiber TenCate Group manufacturing, Xierlong artificial grass fiber has been a leader in artificial grass, and widely used in professional sports, landscape and other aspects , Through the SGS eight heavy metal non-toxic and the Ministry of Interior flame certification. Anti-ultraviolet can guarantee 8 - 11 years or more, both the quality of grass silk, touch and simulation are the highest quality. (TENCATE Group for the manufacture of bullet-proof fiber, aircraft wing high toughness fiber and other high-end materials group.)


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Recommended Applications: 您有多久沒有赤腳踩在舒適的草地上了呢? 來自澳洲潮流,創意草皮人字拖,帶來清爽的新體驗。 保證超越一般人字拖的質感,穿上猶如輕功草上飛,讓你潮到出水,成為眾人注目的焦點

草皮達人[Masturf]-Champs Elysees

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Champs Elysees

Best selling high premium selection

pile height:40mm

Recommended Applications: Best-selling model in Europe and America with lush blade and color gradation. It is classified as a classic and premium grass section, which can endure changeable weather and recommend to be used on the outdoor project.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Green Field Angel

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Green Field Angel

4K super simulation truth slim grass

pile height:40mm

Recommended Applications: Exclusive research and development patents of Masturf, it’s made of high-resolution slim silk with soft touch, the highest level of simulation true grass. It recommends to be used in indoor and close show.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Royal Green

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Royal Green

Spring land - Special characteristics of grass

pile height:35mm

Recommended Applications: The blade color belongs to light-green type, which look like the sprout in Spring. It recommends to be used in indoor or dim area, showing an exuberant atmosphere of greenery.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Summer Charlotte

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Summer Charlotte

High density style

pile height:30mm

Recommended Applications: If you are a “greenholic”, you must be attracted by this all-green and high density model. It recommends to be used for product display or wall, showing the most three-dimensional effect.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Midsummer Dream

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Midsummer Dream

Classic Turf

pile height:25mm

Recommended Applications: It’s the best-selling model for domestic owing to its great cost-performance ratio. The 25mm of blade height just look like finished mowing ground. It recommends to be used in any residential or commercial property.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Green Four Seasons

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Green Four Seasons

Economic grass – clearance sale

pile height:20mm

Recommended Applications: The most economical entry grass, can be widely used in indoor, outdoor large-scale laying or short-term activities or commercial and commercial exhibition, can quickly show excellent green effect.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Baby Angel

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Baby Angel

Kindergarten dedicated

pile height:22mm

Recommended Applications: As the name suggests as a small angel pure green, a single green grass silk, unique. Small angel density exceptionally high, can effectively slow down the impact of children fall, the most suitable for kindergarten and children's play area.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Rainbow Grass

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Rainbow Grass

Dream Rainbow Grass

pile height:25mm

Recommended Applications: Masturf rainbow grass with "red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white" six colors, can be flexible with a variety of colors and custom design, fully meet the devil designer's ideas, the most suitable for children's play area To create a stunning rainbow fantasy paradise.

草皮達人[Masturf]-Turf tide

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Turf tide

Flying on the turf

Recommended Applications: How long have you been barefoot on a comfortable grass? From the Australian trend, creative turf word drag, bring fresh new experience. To ensure that beyond the general character drag the texture, put on like a light grass on the fly, so you tide to the water, become the focus of attention.





草皮達人[Masturf]-Taipei Bihu Demonstration Park

Taipei Bihu Demonstration Park


草皮達人[Masturf]-Wego Private Preschool - Children's Play Area

Wego Private Preschool - Children's Play Area


草皮達人[Masturf]-Sports fitness brand - Fitness Factory

Sports fitness brand - Fitness Factory


草皮達人[Masturf]-Yitung Temple - Terrace green

Yitung Temple - Terrace green


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