Product DIY方塊景觀草


草皮達人[Masturf]-DIY square landscape grass

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DIY square landscape grass

DIY square landscape grass

pile height:40mm

Recommended Applications: For the export of Japanese quality, relative to the printing of products, with double 40mm grass height and density, and the use of the latest type of card-type reinforced drainage board base (no glue residue), can be easily duplicated use, high drainage, the most Suitable for home small balcony green, roof noise insulation, children's play area, indoor Qiaoqiao new choice, outdoor bonsai pad green ... and other applications.


草皮達人[Masturf]-Taipei Bihu Demonstration Park

Taipei Bihu Demonstration Park


草皮達人[Masturf]-Wego Private Preschool - Children's Play Area

Wego Private Preschool - Children's Play Area


草皮達人[Masturf]-Sports fitness brand - Fitness Factory

Sports fitness brand - Fitness Factory


草皮達人[Masturf]-Yitung Temple - Terrace green

Yitung Temple - Terrace green


草皮達人[Masturf]-Villa in the mountains -  Golf artificial green

Villa in the mountains - Golf artificial green


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