Purchase Notes

  • selling process
  • professional construction
  • DIY in home
  • Making an order

    Contact calls to order merchandise, or go to the "masturf" Kimo / PC home making order

  • confirm the order details

    To provide shipping address, time, recipient information and invoice data.

    Confirm quotation items, quantity, amount and other information.

  • payment method

    After quotations in accordance with remittance bank account transfer, please call us 5 yards remittance account.

  • Shipping Process

    After confirming the transfer, it will inform the warehouse shipping, cargo delivery run by. (Saturday and Sunday without shipping)

    Usually by the Western Region within three days to the date of arrival of the shipment, a remote mountainous region in eastern freight busy holiday or special status otherwise.

1. Usually the western metropolitan area distribution by the arrival of the date of shipment in the warehouse for three days, in remote mountainous areas (non-metropolitan areas) or special status unless the busy holiday.
2. Warehouse distribution day from Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday remittances buyers, related remittance information and shipping operations will concentrate compartments Monday.
3. Taiwan western metropolitan area, delivery time within three working days of arrival, if specified delivery date or specific location shall be specified.
4. With the cargo operation services, home delivery is not to the government, is only responsible for goods sent to the first floor, the stairs can not provide transport services.
5. Invoice with the goods seized is attached to the outer prominent place, please note that check.
  • Site measurement

    - Measure the size of the site as a purchasing reference. (Artificial turf into one meter wide and two meters wide wide)


  • Prepare tools

    Tape measure, utility knife, scissors, gloves, brushes, water spoon, glue or silicone.


Easy DIY construction process
  • Clean site

    - First floor swept clean.


  • Turf smoothing

    - After the turf spread, complete alignment flat on the ground, if the multi-volume turf splicing, please note the direction of the pile each volume if all agree.


  • Cutting the turf

    - In the back of a utility knife or scissors to cut to cut roughly in line with the size.

  • Trimming detail

    - Or at the seams all around at the edge consider doing "trimming process", recommended that a row of wire grass is limited, this treatment enables more natural turf seams.

  • The glue

    - Respectively, in the back ground turf four weeks applying glue (yellow plastic appropriate), can be carried out turf after bonding glue is slightly dry.


  • Trim detail

    - For venues detail trim.



  • Done

    - After using a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean up the site, instantly enjoy the beauty and green permanent DIY sense of accomplishment.


Not sure? To us! Pida grass will provide you with a more comprehensive and professional site assessment and construction !!
  • Site Overview

    Cement? Grass? Wall? Stadium? Area? Use?

    Grass Pida person may be sent to the House measure, estimate and provide the most professional construction advice.